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Dedication to Science

At the heart of Oceanblue is our dedication to research and scientific study of the powerful health benefits of omega-3. Before any of our products make it to market, our formulations are put through rigorous clinical testing to validate their efficacy.

Click here to learn more about the heart health study conducted with our Olcenic blend of omega-3 fatty acids.


More benefits. Less fat.

Not all fish oil and krill oil are good sources of omega-3s. Oceanblue omega-3 supplements use oil distilled 26 times to remove unwanted and unhealthy fats, impurities and by-products.

All of our omega-3s come from wild-caught, anchovies and sardines with zero to low mercury exposure off the pristine waters of the Peruvian coast.

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Products you can trust.

If a fish oil or krill supplement smells of fishy, it is a sign a low-quality oil. Oceanblue uses only the highest quality omega-3 oil. The difference is easy to see … and smell.

Oceanblue manufactures our softgels to the most stringent of quality standards and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) to ensure what we say is in our product is actually is what is in our products.