Sports Performance

Sports Performance

Keep Your Athletic Dreams Alive

Not everyone is born an athlete. For some, it comes later in life. One thing is for certain, though: sports and fitness aren’t for the faint of heart. Athletes are hard workers with a bit of an edge. You’re comfortable being uncomfortable.


Soreness vs. Injury

As the body ages, however, it gets harder and harder to push through pain – especially if it’s not the good kind of pain. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is one thing. This is when you feel a little stiff and achy a day or two after your workout. Acute, or immediate, pain is a sign that you’ve likely gone too far. The same can be said for sounds. Tweaks and creaks may be perfectly normal, even as soon as your late twenties or early thirties. If you hear a pop or snap, on the other hand, these are not natural noises. Shrugging off these tale-tell signs will only add insult to injury – literally.


Fuel for the Long Run

A body as active as yours puts added stress on ligaments, tendons and bones. So while the average healthy adult needs adequate nutrients every day, your body may require even more comprehensive nutrition. Eating a whole-food-based diet and taking a multivitamin every day is a great foundation. But you could go the extra mile – especially with all you’ve been through. Supplementing your healthy diet and active lifestyle with Omega-3 fatty acids can help you maintain joint health for the long run.*


With Ocean blue® pharmaceutical-grade omega supplements, you get a potent helping of the two most studied essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA. These are nutrients your body does not produce on its own, so you must obtain them through diet or supplementation. If there’s one thing Ocean blue® omega supplements can do, it’s make you a believer: once an athlete, always an athlete.


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Natural citrus oil means no “fish” burps or smelly fish taste. It does not
contain gluten, sugar, lactose or dyes.


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