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Oceanblue practices proactive transparency in informing you of the origin, sourcing and manufacturing processes behind our products. You should know where your omega-3 comes from. We hear you. The supplements landscape has left many confused and uncertain. How can you feel confident that you’ve selected the right supplement if you don’t know what it consists of and where it came from?

For Oceanblue, transparency is just one of the 3T’s underlying our commitment to proactive communication of how our products are made – so you can feel confident making an informed decision:


Purity is important to you for more reasons than "low contamination". For Oceanblue, Purity also means "high concentration" - which means that we ensure each capsule delivers a high dose of omega-3 tailored to achieve specific, desired health benefits. In other words, we design our formulations to ensure you meet your recommended daily dose needs with 1 or 2 daily capsules, vs. having to take 4 capsules of lower concentration. Taking 1 or 2 daily capsules - vs. 4 or 5 - will make it easier to develop a habit you can maintain over enough time to see results. The purity achieved by our sourcing and distillation process also means you can expect the absence of a "fishy" smell, aftertaste or other side effects often associated with products of lower purity and quality.


 Oceanblue selected fisheries off the coast of Peru as the supply source for our products due to the very cold waters and low contaminants (zero to low mercury levels) associated with this particular location. The anchovies and sardines we source our oil from demonstrate a high omega-3 content because the direction of the current delivers nutrients (in the form of algae and plankton) directly into their feeding zone - contributing to an abundant and highly sustainable ecosystem. So you can count on the purity of all our omega-3 products: sourced from a sustainable fishery and geographic location with zero to low contamination (coastal Peru).

We also believe in sincerity in our marketing. You won't hear us make any too-good-to-be-true claims suggesting our supplements will add 10 years to your life. While we follow the research that supports the benefits of high omega-3 consumption, and stand by our carefully-crafted formulations and products - we know nutritional supplementation is one piece of the health puzzle. And we'll deliver the best possible product to fit into your lifestyle.

Technology (or technical expertise):

Technology drives our purification process. Once harvested off the coast of Peru, our omega-3 oil is refined at our state-of-the-art facilities in Norway and Germany - distilling the oil 27 times to remove any toxins, by-products or unnecessary fats. Upon completion of this intensive refining process, we ship our omega-3 oils to our FDA-registered manufacturing facility in Florida, where we manufacture our soft-gels. Control freaks? Absolutely. By controlling the process from fishery to plant and package, we can promise a true omega-3 supplement consisting of at least 88% omega-3 fatty acids. Oceanblue isn’t your average “fish oil" - it’s pure omega-3.