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Nothin' but the Good Stuff

No Fishy Burps

Full Transparency

Sustainably Sourced

Made in USA

Mercury Free^

^Defined as not more than 1ppb mercury

Non-GMO & Gluten Free

No Artificial Ingredients

Third PArty Tested

Just for the health of it


All of our Omega-3 formulas meet or exceed the recommended daily minimum of Omega-3s (500mg*), positively influencing your health in ways you'll actually notice.

Nothin' but the good stuff


Our sustainably sourced fish oils are distilled 27 times for a neutral flavor—unlike *the other* fish oil caps that made you burp all day—ew.

Wallet wellness

Palatable Pricing

The thing about this is there’s high-grade Omega-3 formulas, and then there’s affordable ones. We're both. We’re a wellness company, and that extends to your wallet.

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Omega-3s and Our Amazing Brains

Omega-3s and Our Amazing Brains

The brain and central nervous system are perhaps the most remarkable physiological system in the human body.  Described by National Geographic Magazine as “a three-pound mass of wrinkly material in...

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Omega-3 with CoQ10 - A Cellular Powerhouse Blend

Omega-3 with CoQ10 - A Cellular Powerhouse Blend

Healthy Habits Help Heart Happiness Pure, potent OceanBlue blends, like Omega-3 2100 with CoQ10, are most effective when they are consumed on a daily basis. Daily Omega-3 nutrition helps to...

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