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Low Prices, High Potencies, Major Benefits

When you choose OceanBlue, you actually have it all - extraordinarily pure and potent Omega-3 nutrition at a price that works within your budget.

Self-Care Done Right

Omega-3s support your body on a cellular level.

A huge body of research supports the idea that consistent, daily Omega-3 nutrition supports cardiovascular health, brain function, mental health, mood, bones, and joints and correlates to improved longevity and quality of life.

At OceanBlue, we are on a mission to help more people experience the many benefits of Omega-3s. With pure, potent blends and low prices, we’re getting Omega-3s into more wellness routines, so more people can experience the magic of feeling their best.

OceanBlue is a KD Pharma Group Brand

OceanBlue is a brand of KD Pharma Group.

With some of the world’s most advanced laboratories and centralized manufacturing operations, we deliver pure, potent Omega-3 supplements at prices that most people can afford.

A Daily Choice

Consistent self-care results in bringing your best self to all you do.

Choose OceanBlue Omega-3 supplements to boost your exercise, nutrition, and happiness plan for a healthy mind and body.

The OceanBlue Difference

With purity, potency, and value, OceanBlue Omega-3 nutrition is self-care done right.


More Benefits & Less Fat

OceanBlue Omega-3 oils are refined, concentrated, and distilled 27 times, in state-of-the-art facilities in Europe. During this process, we remove unhealthy fats, impurities, and by-products to create high-purity, concentrated Omega-3 products.


Fewer Daily Softgels

Needing to take fewer daily softgels makes an ongoing commitment to ongoing Omega nutrition easier. Choose OceanBlue, because purity and concentration matter in an Omega-3 supplement.


Quality & Affordability

You deserve high quality Omega nutrition, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for affordability. OceanBlue Omega-3s are the best value for money in the market.

Our Promise

Transparency in our formulations and our labeling.

Traceability of our Omega-3 oils to their source.

Trust in our stewardship of the seas.

Purity of our products to safeguard your health.

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