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Heart Health Done Right

The Inevitable Wall Of Pink And Red

So there you are… standing in front of a wall of pink and red greeting cards, as we all have done. Pink hearts on everything within reach. Fancy chocolates are displayed tantalizingly. Roses and lesser flower bouquets are strategically positioned. Whatever direction you’re leaning, OceanBlue has a challenge for you. Go with the fish.

Fish Can Be Sexy.

Valentine's Day might be the most famous holiday in February, but it is only a single day on the calendar. Consider the power of that day: by celebrating romantic love, that day might just add a sparkle of romance to your week. At OceanBlue, we want you to think about your heart all month long during Heart Health Awareness Month so that you can create heart healthy habits that last all year.

Why Do We Even Have Heart Health Awareness Month in the USA?

February is a month that celebrates the health of your heart.  President Lyndon B. Johnson established American Heart Health Month in 1964. According to the CDC, all Americans struggle with heart disease, across all demographics over age 50. Our diets tend to be rich in fats, but not in healthy fatty acids like Omega-3s. So, it’s important that February is Heart Health Month. At OceanBlue, we think that heart health is self care, and we know that self care is sexy. That’s why Heart Health Month is the sexiest month.

Eating Fish is Good for Your Heart

Fact: Fish is good for you. American nutritional guidelines suggest that adults eat 3-4 ounces of salmon, or other fatty fish, twice per week. The connections between consuming large amounts of fatty fish in your diet and heart health are well-established by research. The more fish you eat, the longer you live. A major reason for this fact is that fish are rich in Omega-3s, fatty acids that support a body’s cellular function.

We know that with smart choices and small adjustments like adding sexy Omega-3s from fish, Americans can make choices that limit the factors that lead to heart disease. We can improve our life and longevity through Omega-3 nutrition.

Who Is Doing Heart Health Right?

Self care is sexy. We mean it. So are self care benefits - radiant health for a long lifetime. People who live in places known for longevity also eat lots of fish. Iceland, Japan, and Hong Kong are places where people consume the most amounts of fish, and, not coincidentally, happen to live the longest.


People from Iceland eat the most fish at nearly four pounds per week, which is the highest average amount of fish consumed per person in the world. Their average life expectancy is 83 years.

Hong Kong:

Hong Kong is among the top places in the world for most fish consumed per person, which is about three pounds of fish per week. In Hong Kong, the average life expectancy is the highest in the world at 85 years.


Japanese people eat a lot of fish, and their average life expectancy is among the highest in the world. Interestingly, Japan is the country with the most centenarians and supercentenarians, amazingly rare people whose age exceeds 110 years.

Heart Health Month, Valentine’s Day, and Fish

We hope that heart health awareness is a habit that you form in February. Taking care of your heart might be the best thing you do for yourself, and who knows, you might even rub off on your loved ones.

Should you make the decision to add more fish or Omega 3s to your diet, researchers tell us that your hearts are going to thank you. Prepare yourself at a cellular level for the healthiest, sexiest February ever. Consider giving your loved one a fresh, gift-wrapped fish. Follow us for more romantic gift ideas.

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