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New Year, Same You

Are You Resolved?

Sometimes the adage ‘New Year, New You!’ rings hollow because… it isn’t really true. Aside from a handful of life’s plot twists, you’re pretty much exactly the same you, with the same life that you had last year. The making-and-breaking of New Year’s resolutions is a time-honored tradition for many of us. Show of hands: how many of us resolved to join a Pilates studio, attempt a ‘hot girl walk,’ or maybe just watch less TV, only to stop by March? All of us! We get it.

Ironic Baby Steps - Small Changes Can Make A World Of Difference

With the turn of the calendar, we have a chance to set new goals, including making positive life changes. But how many of us can start yoga classes, salsa dancing lessons, AND adjust to a raw food diet all at the same time? Baby steps are, ironically, a secret to adulting.

But let’s be real - this is easier than you think! One small change that doesn’t require new equipment, gym memberships, cookbooks, shoes or new outfits is the addition of an Omega-3 supplement into your daily routine. Omega-3s nourish every cell, tissue and organ in the body, and provide support for the cardiovascular, skeletal, immune, and nervous systems. Benefiting every cell in our body, Omega-3 supplements are a small change with a BIG payoff over time.

Omega-3 Deficiency is Shockingly Common in the U.S.

Once you've wrapped your head around the many reasons to take Omega-3 fatty acids (reasons supported and borne out by copious research), you might wonder why so many Americans are Omega-3 deficient. Researchers estimate that between half and three-quarters of Americans are not getting the recommended minimum amount of Omega-3s from their diets. Maybe some people don’t have access to fresh fish. Certainly, those who choose vegetarian or purely plant-based diets will find it even harder to get sufficient amounts of Omega-3s without taking supplements.

Taking OceanBlue Omega-3 supplements daily ensure you are getting healthy levels of omega-3s in your body.

Resolve to Add OceanBlue Omega-3s This Year

Taking OceanBlue Omega-3 supplements to promote healthy levels of Omega-3s will make a difference in how you feel this year - your joints, your heart, your mood! At OceanBlue, we’re working to make it possible for everyone to access quality Omega-3 nutrition. Resolve to make potent, pure and affordable OceanBlue Omega-3s part of your self care routine in 2023. This year, experience the magic of feeling your best with OceanBlue Omega-3s.

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