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New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Work 

Please do not join a gym right now. Don’t subscribe to the organic food co-op. Do NOT get suckered into buying the latest book on nutrition or a fad diet. Stop for a moment to consider the most important thing - the real number one marker of success - your happiness. 


Here are three wisdoms to keep in mind at the top of the new year


Staying Happy is the Secret to Personal Success

You might ask yourself if doing these things you’re resolving to do actually makes you feel happy. Can you recall a sense of personal satisfaction from doing similar things in your past? Your happiness really is the true indicator of your future success, so if you can imagine yourself smiling as you go to the gym, the co-op, the bookstore, or wherever your resolutions take you, go for it!


You’re Behind Your Resolutions 

Take a minute to assess the origin of your goals. Make sure they’re actually your goals: do they originate with you, or are outside influences at play? Don’t bow to pressure from outside yourself to make choices or changes.


Little Adjustments to Your Self Care Routine Net Big Results 

The new year is one of many moments to reflect upon your happiness, and feel accomplished and (hopefully) proud of the ways that you make good choices.

If now’s the time you want to make some adjustments, it’s a good idea to pick just a few. This year, choose one or two ways to feel better, happier and more appreciative of the things and people in your life. Don’t overwhelm yourself! 

OceanBlue Omega-3s - A Small, Powerful Change You Can Make.

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OceanBlue Omega-3s is a Feel-Good Choice for your New Year

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