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5 Signs You're in Need of omega-3s.

Fact: A startling 80% of Americans aren’t getting the minimum recommended serving of Omega-3 essential fatty acids. Yup—even though Omega-3 nutrition is such a long-studied phenomenon. Even though since the 1970s, these essential fatty acids—EPA and DHA—have been linked with panoramic health benefits, spanning brain, heart and muscle support, through to mood and stress regulation. Even though meeting your daily quota can be… almost stupidly easy (but more on that later).

1. You work out a few times a week

Whether your thing is lifting, running or kicking, you put your body under (beneficial!) stress when you exercise, and it’s going to need to produce a healthy inflammation response to match. Clinically studied Omega-3 produces soothed muscles and happy joints, while giving you a boost of cellular energy—this makes it useful for use during workouts, as well as for recovery. We recommend our OMEGA-3 2100 w/ VITAMIN K2 & D3 formula for active bodies.

2. You spend a lot of time at a desk

We get it, we get it—you’re busy. So many emails! So much circling back! But jokes aside—because we’re quite the same. You know what helps, though? Giving your brain a big, nutrient-dense hug. Long story short, your brain is made from 30% Omega-3 DHA, and OceanBlue’s BRAIN FUEL is rich in those same essential fatty acids, helping you replenish the building blocks you need for sustained memory, focus, and concentration. 

3. You're pregnant or trying to be

You expect the best in health when you’re expecting. And maybe you’re already growing the next Einstein? But just to be sure, you’re going to want to nourish every cell, tissue, and organ in both of your bodies. That’s where the panoramic benefits of Omega-3 DHA comes in. They meet with folate and biotin in our PRENATAL MULTIVITAMIN WITH OMEGA−3 to help boost baby’s brain development and nourish you both through pregnancy and beyond. 

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4. You live in a cold climate

It’s cold. You’re cold. And when the temp declines, you know what else goes down? Your immune system and mood. We couldn’t bottle sunshine, so we did the next best thing: made supplements merging high-grade Omega-3 with 1000 IU of Vitamin D3. They’re called EVERYDAY OMEGA MINIS, and it’ll support not only your immune system and a healthy mood, but also the entire breadth and width of your body. Not exaggerating. They also happen to be pocket sized which makes them a breeze to swallow, and perfect for kids.

5. You're a person with a body

Not a cop out! We said up top that 80% of Americans aren’t meeting their daily quota of 500mg*, which means most people with bodies are falling short. Consider Everyday Omega to be your all-in-one sidekick for panoramic wellness. It might be hard to source, prepare and cook the right amount of good quality salmon to meet your Omega-3 needs. What’s the opposite of hard? Swallowing a few nutrient-dense softgels daily.

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